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Beatastic - This Lazer Life


By Jess Linde, April 10, 2013

I usually don’t listen to a lot of techno and electronic music because to me it usually sounds the same. Daft Punk and Chromatics and Kavinsky are all in their own level of awesome, but the rest I’m not so into. There are too many subgenres and sub-subgenres that I don’t want to explore and I can’t differentiate. You’re welcome to try and explain to me the vast difference between trance artists and rave artists, and you can try to explain to me that one some bro with tattoos and a macbook’s psychadelic post-dubstep is completely different from all the other guys with tattoos and macbooks, but by and large it won’t make a difference.

 However the fact remains that I love it when an artist tries to do something new, and that is why I appreciate Brighton artist Beatastic’s electro-pop mixtape/album This Lazer Life. Beginning with “We Learn to Swim When We Begin,” This Lazer Life is a twenty-five song journey through loss, grief, and revival guided by Beatastic, his dreamy beats, and his comforting voice. Songs like “Diamond in her Eye” and “Anthem” set up a very James Blake-type atmosphere that clashes strongly against the beautifully sad lyrics. Not to say that James Blake can’t be sad sometimes, it’s just that some of the stuff Beatastic sings is really a downer. But it’s so damn pretty, I can’t really say the album is a downer.

The second half of the album features songs that while still emotional, are more fun and a little less atmospheric. These tracks include “54” and “Nerd Swag,” which is my favorite song on the album. This Lazer Life ends up being a very enjoyable record despite the sadder parts, and the experimenting with loops and other sound tricks makes it all the more cool to dissect aurally. Because of the album’s length (twenty-five songs! Wow!), it reminds me more of a mixtape than a super cohesive album, but there is so much potential in these songs this complaint is really minor and to be honest, my only one. This Lazer Life is very cool and fun to listen to, and it definitely makes me excited for whatever Beatastic puts out next.


Select Tracks: “Diamond in Her Eye,” “54,” “Nerd Swag”

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